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What we do

For years Evergreen has been committed to the realization of high energy efficiency buildings.


Why ZEB or nZEB?

Europe, as never before, is facing one of the largest transitions in the construction industry, a trend seen in several parts of the world.  


In order to meet some current carbon emission targets, energy-efficient and near-zero energy buildings (nZEB) are now a market requirement.

In this regard, we mention the European Directive 2010/31/EU(EPBD)  available on  in which you can find a definition of nZEB and directive about the commitment to build new buildings that are nearly zero energy buildings and to draw up national plans for increasing the number of nearly zero-energy buildings.

An opportunity for your next nZEB or ZEB investment.

If you are purchasing a building, condominium, hotel or commercial building and are looking to secure the value of your assets for the future and dramatically reduce operating costs over your real estate life, you are welcome to join us at Evergreen's Lugano office.
Whether you are considering Passive House, Near Zero Energy Building or Net Zero Energy Building, we can offer you the greatest opportunity to increase your business.
Please let us know how we can help you transition into the future of building. At any of our Evergreen offices we offer quality; Pre-Design, Budgeting, Design, Procurement, Marketing and Auditing Services.

Standard ZEB performance at Evergreen

  •  high passive energy performance with integrated building solutions for:

    • walls, floors, windows, and roofs with very low  U-insulation values 

    • higher standards of air tightness

    • minimal thermal bridges

  • low energy demand, reaching <15 kWh/m2/year

  • renewable energy produced on-site, reaching  >25 kWeh/m2/year

  • daily on-site energy storage capacity, up to > 40-80 -Wh/m2/day 

  • a net zero energy status (ability to remain off-grids) 

Evergreen is an EPC company that brings advanced sustainable solutions at competitive market prices. For years now we have been engaged in Consultancy towards, nZEB, ZEB, net Zero Buildings and new hydrogen solutions, Upgrading and Customization to meet and exceed market demands and Feasibility Analysis already at pre-design work phase to meet investments goals. 

Buildings are major contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The development of energy-efficient buildings contributes to a sustainable economy, based on renewable energy resources and efficiency.


Currently, we use 30% more resources than the Earth can offer us each year. Today, 50% of the world's population lives in cities, responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.  By 2030, the rate of urbanization will exceed 75%, humanity will need 2 planets to sustain life. In fact, our carbon-dependent society creates great pressure on urban areas: resource consumption (energy and land use), air and noise pollution, and reduced quality of life


nZEB and ZEB solution are  an opportunity to actively reserve the effects of our carbon-dependent society

1. Feasibility Studies

Project sustainability and nZEB feasibility studies are produced for commercial, leisure and domestic properties. In this early phase, architects, engineers, financial planner, and Client/Investor cooperate simultaneously to optimize the project outcome, to decrease cost to a minimum, and to maximize profit.


What we offer during this phase:

  • Construction Area Analysis – value and volume for construction, geotechnical issues, and existing third person liabilities.

  • Parametrical Analysis of Project Budgeting 

  • Preliminary Project Profit and Loss Analysis

  • Operative Analysis of NZEB, energy and maintenance cost versus traditional construction methods

  • Preliminary Marketing Research and Analysis to identify market opportunities

  • Auditing and Analysis of Client’s existing projects.

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3. Marketing and Sale Strategies

To create a true competitive advantage, our marketing strategy services combine: the perception and understanding of the final construction/investment user and what the market offers.

Evergreen matches both, plus provides extra features, at competitive prices, that go beyond the client's expectations and desires.

How do we do this? 

  • By offering a product not yet available on the market. Our buildings consist of: special amenities, high-tech energy features and Italian design brands.

  • Reducing nZEB construction costs while maintaining high quality results.


What is our sales support? 

  • Our Real Competitive Analysis helps us better partner with advertising agencies to create campaigns that effectively communicate our special features.

  • We train sales agents to better market our unique true competitive advantage and the rational "why" of buying that will retain its value for at least 25 years

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4. Engineering , Procurement & Construction Service (EPC) 

We offer and deliver over 120 years of combined professional services.  These can range from entrusting one or more tasks to a single General Contractor, to a series of separate contracts with different qualified companies and partner/suppliers.



  • Construction Leading & Supervision | Assumes the role and responsibility of construction site manager.

  • Building Site Strategies | Evaluates the best cost-effective construction process.

  • Auditing of the Timetable Programs | Respects works completed on timely matter.

  • Auditing and Cost Control | with predictively approach

  • Functional Tests, Inspections During the Work, Acceptance Tests | Technical and administrative inspections, functional tests and control of performances indicators, acceptance tests

5. Spatial Design

Evergreen understands the importance of a well-balanced relationship between people and the environment.  We partner with highly qualified Interior Design firms to create integrated and efficient sustainable interior designs (including energy use) that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and meet the challenges of social, economic, and environmental needs.


We develop Spatial Designs for nZEB’s Commercial and Domestic Building, such as:


  • residential developments

  • domestic properties

  • office spaces and industrial premises

  • retail locations, such as shops, cafés, forecourts

  • leisure spaces, such as hotels, cinema foyers, holiday complexes

  • public buildings, e.g., museums and civic buildings

  • parking space facilities and multilevel parking space building.


Our services

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2. Pre-construction & budgeting 

Every construction project we undertake is unique. Our processes are equally applied to all projects. We get involved as early as the preliminary design phase to:


  • match precisely Client’s and Investor’s goals

  • propose nZEB cost – effective building solutions

  • identify challenges early to mitigate design changes after construction commencement


Our detailed pre-construction planning is crucial to a successful construction and on-time delivery. It also provides Client and team with a clear pathway to the bidding process, construction phase, all the way through completion. The benefit of early involvement is that it allows us to:


  • provide Error-Free Expense Budgeting Plan (historically we have never overspent the initial budget proposed)

  • guarantee a clear-cut Profit and Loss Plan (historically margin of error between 2% to 4%), reaching nZEB budgeted cost

  • gather vital information to generate effective strategies that boost Promotion and Sales

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