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Residential Energy Storage System

Electrolysis technologies will play a key role commitment in a near future, feeding hydrogen to Residential Energy Storage System, because both; nZEB (near Zero Energy Building) and ZEB (Zero Energy Building), will need in a short term to use RHFC (Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell) plug and play systems to store and manage on-site, bigger energies storage capacity (more environmental friendly than lithium batteries).

The report we have analyzed here at Evergreen (look attached documents), describes how water electrolysis can generate hydrogen by using renewables energies sources and by, providing:

  1. great benefit to the electric grid,

  2. clean support to CO2 gas emission

  3. bigger and flexible energy storage capacity

  4. saving in running costs

The original document gives you an overview of the fundamentals of water electrolysis and the availability of electrolyzer technologies.  It also shows how electrolysis has been applied in the past and not only its feasibility to/for energy storage system, but even its suitability.

One of the greatest advantages of electrolysis is that it can be applied in a great variety of nZEBs and ZEBs in the need of independence from the grid. Another interesting fact about electrolysis is that this technology is shown as a candidate for a large-scale renewable energy storage.

Without a doubt, hydrogen will be the biggest challenge society will have to face in order to step away from fossil fuels, because Wind and Solar Power, which are difficult to harness but potentially unlimited, could get a great help by hydrogen providing variable output to the electrical grid and by maintaining grid stability. Why should we give up these benefits for the buildings of the future?

  • Finally this report shows:

  • how the use of electrical power coming from renewables energies to drive water electrolysis systems than the hydrogen storage, will be one of the most valid options for nZEBs and ZEBs.

  • how to facilitate/support a better integration of renewable energies into the electrical grid, where Hydrogen allows for a greater flexibility and efficiency.

… Obviously, we know there are still many synergies to be explored! Enjoy the reading!

Click here to read or download the original document.

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