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nZEB Valleverde - Sureggio

The residents complex “LÖGH TO RONCHETTI”





Surface area:

7.500 mq.

Surface buildings:

3.900 mq.

Value construction:

$ 28.500.000

Primary energy consumption

kWh/ m² year

Cooling, facilities *, consumption:

kWh/ m² year

Renewable energies contribution:


Total energy consumption balance:

kWh/ m² year


Arch. Alvaro Buehring – Studio Dario Mossini – T21 studio associato di progettazione


System Evergreen CH


The residents complex “Lögh to Ronchetti” consists of 5 buildings with proportional volumes and is designed to be elegant and efficient at the same time. Various buildings are located in a beautiful area on the South-East and surrounded by nature. From the apartments you can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing view placed in a historical and natural characteristic context.


Each building was arranged and composed to be an independent condominium property so easy in its handling, while garages are integrated overall estate and conveniently accessible by lifts and service stairs, in addition to being perfectly camouflaged in the architecture of the complex and the surrounding greenery.


Each building (which is a single building) has its own services in contact with the ground and consists of n° 8 units (with apartment types ranging from local 2.5 to 5.5) placed on n° 4 floors above ground, where level 4 is an ‘attic’. A fifth building is expected on a lot adjoining the main complex, always with n° 4 floors above ground, with additional 12 apartments. The large terraces of which each unit is equipped with, will ultimately qualifying element and ability to enjoy nature up close, with quality, comfort, elegance.

Environmentally friendly design, with all technological comforts

Careful design pursued will enable you to benefit in an objective of major reductions in both operating costs and maintenance of these condominiums than conventional ones. In the planning of the project was in fact chosen to operate major investments both in technology and in the generous thermal and acoustic insulation used, thereby offering our valuable customers plus benefits and also to participate concretely and active in the protection and defence of the environment.

The standards adopted in the design, the materials chosen and used for the construction, the integrated use of energy efficiency technologies and the use of renewable sources, will allow all these buildings:

  • overcome abundantly ‘ base’ requirements needed for Minergie® Certifications

  • reach and exceed the classification CECE ‘ A ‘, both ‘ wrapper’ for the part ‘plants’

  • consider each unit building a “NZEB” (that is a Near Zero Energy Building)

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