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Nossa Senhora de Fatima -Luanda



Surface area:

20.400 mq.

Surface buildings:

40.900 mq.

Value construction:

$ 105.000.000


T21 Milan – Architecture Works Lisbon


System Evergreen CH


The new neighborhood Nossa Senhora de Fatima

The settlement and environment redevelopment of this 2 hectares area, currently occupied by spontaneous housing aggregations, derives from the need to redefine this neighborhood role and a function.


The area servers as a filter between the large conventual perimeter (characterized by low settlements and large open spaces) and other adjacent neighborhood dwellings (characterized by the absence of clear building lot designs and compactly structured along the axes of urban road networks.)

Many problems, one solution: the "inhabited wall"

The project’s main idea is based on the creation of an alternative pedestrian altimetric level through the construction of an “ inhabited wall”. The bastion serves as formal base for the edification of the condominium and it functions as covered parking spaces for its inhabitants.


The plan offers solutions to the current disorderly surrounding settlements, such as:

  • Traffic congestion along urban roads;

  • Accessibility to parking spaces in the building;

  • Provision of spaces equipped for the use of common areas inside the new neighborhood;

  • Large shared common green area covered with several trees that provide shade and that mitigate car related issues.

  • Green shrubs that enhance the interaction quality between the convent and the new condominium.

  • Tighter overall security to the occupants and their belongings.

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