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Smarthome in edifici nZEB

Smarthome in edifici nZEB realizzati da System Evergreen AG in un servizio prodotto dalla trasmissione Patti Chiari per la televisione svizzera RSI.

July 6th 2018

Expo 2017 Kazakistan: System Evergreen fra i relatori per il Ticino

Giuseppe Macario di System Evergreen parla di edifici nZEB e della sua società che opera proprio con questo standard di costruzione ad altissimo valore aggiunto, con un forte impatto ambientale ed economico.

System Evergreen è stata una delle aziende relatrici a Expo 2017 Kazakistan per il Ticino, valorizzando proprio i progetti nZEB.

In questa intervista, per Il Quotidiano di RSI, Giuseppe Macario parla proprio di Expo 2017 Kazakistan e di edifici nZEB.

June 13th 2018

This study presents 32 pilot projects of energy-efficient buildings in the different EU Member States.  The parameters that can be derived from these constructions make an important argument to the relevance of NZEBs towards a sustainable world.

The composition of buildings is made by a mix of residential, non-residential and public buildings.   These building samples provide us with information such as, what kind of NZEB-like buildings already exist across the different Member States, what type of technology are they using to achieve a low energy usage efficiency ratio, and what type of renewable energy sources (RES) are implemented.

To summarize the most important lessons learned from this study are:

  • The U-value is very low in almost all buildings regardless of the country and materials they were built with

  • The buildings in the sample are 74% more energy efficient when compared to current national requirements.

  • NZEBs can be build at an affordable price

  • Owner satisfaction was very high

The NZEB concept is already a reality, this study attests to the different initiatives to disseminate and market to developers the feasibility of this technology at acceptable costs.

Abstract of Selected Examples of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings by Hans Erhorn and Heike Erhorn-Kluttig. Click here and read or download the original document.

Expo 2017 Astana – Giuseppe Macario speaks about Future Green Energy

December 5th 2018

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