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Luanda Interland - Luanda




Morro Bento – Luanda (ANG)

Surface area:

INTERLAND 1: 35.000 mq INTERLAND 2: 28.000 mq

Surface buildings:

INTERLAND 1: 45.360 mq INTERLAND 2: 32.500 mq

Value construction:

INTERLAND 1: $ 81.500.000 INTERLAND 2: $ 82.000.000

System Evergreen CH:

INTERLAND 1: Auditing e Revamping - INTERLAND 2: Auditing e Project Direction


Interland 1 and Interland 2: new residential district in Luanda

Luanda Interland is a brand new residential district area located in the southwest part of the city. It is composed by 497 residential units divided in two buildings.


The project was executed within 5 year time frame (from 2008 to 2012).


The finishing materials used meet Europe’s standards of comfort and well-being.

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